『New Beat, Gyms starts』
New time is met and Gyms changes
The three circles are the images of hydrogen bubbles.
The heart-shaped image of both hands symbolizes the planet earth of water.
The design concept is that the heart-shaped hands
hug everyone with hydrogen gently
to make everyone beautiful and healthy by hydrogen.
Hydrogen for every aspect of your life.
You can approach and realize your ideal by continuing to apply hydrogen.
Gyms will continue to create products that will satisfy and support you.
01.High concentration hydrogen water

02.Boiling water is available

Easy to make high concentration 
hydrogen water anywhere.
It is compact and
easy to carry.
For daily health

Recommended for health
maintenance,moisturizing the
skin and for beauty
(face wash, face pack, etc.).
Available for all seasons

Hot hydrogen water
can be generated using hot water,
which is suitable for hot tea,
coffee, soup, etc.
Hydrogen concentration・ORP measurement
Hydrogen concentration
About 900ppb
About -450 mV
Hot water
About 550ppb
About -400 mV
・This is the value measured when the battery is fully charged.
・Values vary depending on water quality.

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