Gymshower was born to sparkle your beauty
Blessing of Hydrogen Terra Energy, Hair and Skin Treatment Shower
Fresh hydrogen water that can be carried anywhere
Easy, high-concentration hydrogen water anytime, anywhere.
It was born to enjoy freshly made hydrogen water easily.
To your beauty and health
Anytime, anywhere,
Easy hydrogen bath every day.
You can easily make hydrogen bath at home or while traveling.
It dissolves in hot water generate hydrogen
A high-concentration hydrogen bath has been done.
Various ways to use Hydrogen generator with compact body
Compact size that is convenient to carry
Easy to use hydrogen water anytime and anywhere.
Equipped with multi-stage RO filtration system
Hydrogen concentration up to 1200ppb or more
Gyms(HWPA-1000) business server type is finally here!
Hydrogen water to home/office economically
Safe and secure hydrogen water because it is an RO+ electrolytic type.
Moreover, dissolved hydrogen lasts a long time.

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